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Georgia is one of the best destinations for travelers who love to ride beautiful wild trails and if you are one of them, Cheers! you are at the rightest place. There are lots of mountain trails all around the country, which gives us an opportunity to listen to our customers’ requirements and combine the most adventurous mountain bike tours in Georgia. Even though we have many combined tour options, all of them are eligible for 100% custom changes up on your desires.


All Inclusive Tour Packages

Riding opportunities for any level riders - Custom mountain bike tours in Georgia.

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Riding opportunities for any level riders - Custom mountain bike tours in Georgia.

Weeride Is For Everybody!

Guided MTB Tours In Georgia

Weeride was created to bring the people lot’s of emotions and unforgettable Georgian energy of freedom. Are you a pro rider riding rough technical trails and always push your limits, or are you a beginner cyclist or a traveler who just wants to have fun and try it? We have all the opportunities to fulfill your desires at any level and Georgia itself has everything for any riders and travelers.


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Customers About Weeride Georgia

  • What an amazing trip with Giorgi and WEERIDE! 🤩 Giorgi planned our trip very individually according to our preferences, so we had a feel-well package for our 13 days of traveling. So if you are looking for a customized outdoor tour in Georgia 🇬🇪, there is no other way as WEERIDE to do it! Trust me! We have experienced other companies as well, but no one put so much effort in planning and communicating as Giorgi. We appreciated so much! 🙏
    Marcel J
  • Excellent communication, bike quality and flexibility. This was a last minute booking due covid restrictions and and an introductory MTB tour for me. Giorgi was able to put up a rough plan in a short period of time and was flexible with routings and bookings till the last day. Transportation was comfortable and on time. Rented bike was of very good quality. Giorgi was very generous and went out of his way to ensure little details were taken care of like a PCR test for the return flight and an airport drop off which required an authorization. 5 star experience.
    Mohammed M
    Mohammed M
  • Crazy experience can be guarantied with Giorgi, Misha and weeeride! I joined them for the Tusheti tour and it was a blast, the whole trip was very well organised and the team was super helpful from the first interaction. Also my skill level wasn’t that good but with the guidance I got I was able to catchup and manage the tricky trails. The team and others from the group we where riding with had a bunch helpful advice and I learned a lot on my first bigger trip.
    Hilko K
    Hilko K
  • Great guys, expereinced guides and riders. They know how to move around, where to go and what to avoid. Georgia itself offers fantastic trails with not-to-forget landscapes. Additional fun is offroad shuttle and natural food, obviously regional cuisine. My wife and I we are both vegetarian, which was not a problem to arrange for weeride guys. And that kraft beer they have access to. Well, I can only say one thing: try it!
    Andrzej W
    Andrzej W
  • Unique experience! Giorgi, our guide, was always very helpful with anything we needed, everything in our trip went really well, all was organized flawlessly, totally recomend Weeride Georgia 🤟
    Another important aspect to consider in Caucasus is the driver and Weeride has one of the best!
    Jose T
    Jose T
  • I highly recommend traveling with Giorgi. He knows everything there is to know about Georgia, the trails you need to take, got all the contacts you will need there and he's highly reliable. With him we enjoyed safely the wonderful mountains of the Caucasus, go for it!
    Thibaud J
    Thibaud J

Outlines Of Possible Combined Trips:

  • E-bike Mountainbike Adventure
  • For Beginners/Professionals
  • Terrains: Asphalt, Jeep Road, Single Trails.
  • Technical Difficulty: 2/5- 4/5
  • Fitness Difficulty: 2/5 - 4/5
  • Average Riding Distance: 25-50 km (day)
  • Average Elevation Gain: 500 - 1000m (day)
  • Range Of Altitudes: 1880m - 3050m
  • Coming Soon
  • XC / All Mountain Tour
  • For Beginners/Amateur Riders/Travelers
  • Terrains: Asphalt, Ground, Jeep Road.
  • Technical Difficulty: 2/5
  • Fitness Difficulty: 2/5
  • Average Riding Distance: 25-50 km (day)
  • Average Elevation Gain: 500 m (day)
  • Range Of Altitudes: 1880m - 2345m
  • See Example
  • Wild Enduro Adventure
  • For Experienced/Professional Riders
  • Terrains: Jeep Road, Single Trails, Freeride.
  • Technical Difficulty: 4/5
  • Fitness Difficulty: 4/5
  • Average Riding Distance: 20-30 km (day)
  • Average Elevation Gain: 1000 m (day)
  • Range Of Altitudes: 2100m - 3050m
  • See Example

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