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Team Weeride Georgia

Roots Of Weeride:

The idea of Weeride Georgia was born in 2018 while founders of the company were traveling to Canary islands and accidentally met Enduro riders from Poland. Exchanging information and experiences, they came up an idea how crazy it would be to start organizing Enduro trips to Georgia regarding the culture, people, cuisine and the beauty of this country. Once they made it to Georgia and met all the requirements riders should meet ,,Weeride Georgia” firmed it’s wild roots then. Our small local team is working a lot during the year to provide the best Enduro experience to our customers. We do not only provide guiding, meals, or accomodation. We provide tons of emotions and unforgettable Georgian energy of freedom.

mtb Georgia

mountain bike tours in georgia

About our experience:

We have been riding for more than 15 years in our high mountains. After roaming that lot, exploring new trails and obtaining all the necessary properties for managing mountainbike trips, we have created a concept of Weeride. Double e in the company name expresses emotions we create on our trips and We to undelrine that you are a part of our community. Our team is highly motivated to host many riders in Georgian wonderland and make this country more popular on the world map of mountainbiking.

What We Have:

We are 100% authentic local team with a big MTB spirit and a sense of hospitality like all Georgians do. The most important wild cards of Weeride are own properties of all the services we offer on tours which helps us be responsible for the things we take in control and provide the most competetive and reasonable service. In our property there are 6 shuttle/service cars, mountain lava stone tower hotel with 12 cozy rooms, restaurant on our way to Telavi and signature craft brewery. Regarding the bike service we are owners of one of the most popular bikeshop/service – Bikehouse Georgia

mountain bike tours in georgia