Guided MTB Tours In Georgia

Georgia is a travel hub for many people around the globe and it has a lot to offer for adventurers. Weeride Georgia is a company with a big riding passion and an experience. Our team offers lots of opportunities to customers to match their requirements and help them customize dream MTB Tours in Georgia. In our friendly staff we are all locals and it helps us provide 100% authentic Georgian experience. Let’s read more about us and convince yourself why you should book your adventure with Weeride.

The Roots Of Weeride Georgia

The idea of Weeride was born in 2018 while we were traveling to Canary islands and met riders from Poland. Regarding the culture, people, cuisine and the beauty of this country, they came up an idea how crazy it would be to start organizing MTB Tours in Georgia. After that, we’ve made our first trip for them and ,,Weeride Georgia” firmed it’s wild roots then. Our team is working a lot during the year to provide the best MTB experience to our customers. Except providing: guiding, meals, or accommodation, we provide tons of emotions and unforgettable energy of freedom.


Riding Passion And Experience

People of Weeride have been riding for more than 15 years in Georgian high mountains. After exploring trails and obtaining all the properties for managing MTB Trips in Georgia, we created a concept of Weeride. Double “E” expresses unforgettable emotions we create and “WE” to underline that you are already a part of our community. That is to say, that riding is the biggest passion for all of us and this is one of the main factors which makes Weeride Georgia special.


Properties Of Weeride Georgia

Most importantly, we are 100% authentic local team with a big MTB spirit and a sense of hospitality like all Georgians do. The most important wild cards of Weeride are own properties of all the services we offer on tours. Therefore, it helps us be responsible for the things we take in control and provide competitive and reasonable service. To sum up, in our property there are six 4×4 cars with local experienced drivers, lava stone tower hostel with capacity of 16 people, restaurant on our way to the mountains and signature craft brewery. We are owners of one of the most popular bikeshop/service – Bikehouse Georgia


Customers About Weeride Georgia

What an amazing trip with Giorgi and WEERIDE! 🤩 Giorgi planned our trip very individually according to our preferences, so we had a feel-well package for our 13 days of traveling. So if you are looking for a customized outdoor tour in Georgia 🇬🇪, there is no other way as WEERIDE to do it! Trust me! We have experienced other companies as well, but no one put so much effort in planning and communicating as Giorgi. We appreciated so much! 🙏

Marcel J
Mohammed M
Excellent communication, bike quality and flexibility. This was a last minute booking due covid restrictions and and an introductory MTB tour for me. Giorgi was able to put up a rough plan in a short period of time and was flexible with routings and bookings till the last day. Transportation was comfortable and on time. Rented bike was of very good quality. Giorgi was very generous and went out of his way to ensure little details were taken care of like a PCR test for the return flight and an airport drop off which required an authorization. 5 star experience.

Mohammed M
Hilko K
Crazy experience can be guarantied with Giorgi, Misha and weeeride! I joined them for the Tusheti tour and it was a blast, the whole trip was very well organised and the team was super helpful from the first interaction. Also my skill level wasn’t that good but with the guidance I got I was able to catchup and manage the tricky trails. The team and others from the group we where riding with had a bunch helpful advice and I learned a lot on my first bigger trip.

Hilko K