We Are Very Open To Fit Your Desires For Your MTB Tour In Georgia

Choose the best conditions for you and combine the most memorable MTB tour in Georgia.
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  • 1000paid in advance as upfront payment
  • Regions: Tusheti, Khevsureti.
  • Trips Available (June-October)
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  • Travel Insurance *not included*
  • Group capacity min(1)-max(12) riders
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Combine Your Dream MTB Tour In Georgia:


Shuttle Service

Combine Your MTB Tour In Georgia

Our roads in the mountains are listed in world’s most dangerous places to drive, so concentrating on safety of our guests is always our first priority. To avoid any kind of misunderstandings, our team always choose local skilled drivers with experience of more than 10-15 years on the same roads. Shuttles themselves are inspected a day before each individual trip. For our trips we usually use Mitsubishi Delica cars which are big with capacity of people and able to handle all the obstacles. As a bicycle carrier we use our Suzuki Vitara custom built car with custom rack of eight bikes. Upgrading to more fancy car is always an option up on your request.



Combine Your MTB Tour In Georgia

On the first and last days of our trip we always try to accommodate our visitors in Tbilisi to be close to the airport. We have hundreds of options from cozy guesthouses to five star hotels and Châteaus. Everything is defined once we get request for the trip as we always follow the desires of our visitors and always try to fit in the given budget.
In the mountains we mostly stay in local tower guesthouses to meet authentic Georgian living experience with tasting delicious local food and drinks. We also have an option to accommodate in a comfortable hotel with a very reasonable cafe & restaurant.



Combine Your MTB Tour In Georgia

Georgian cuisine will become one of the most remarkable feelings of your life once you taste our local food. In each region we have different dishes with different tastes and servings. To tell in a nutshell, our food and drinks are things we are always proud of.
In our all inclusive trips we have: breakfast and dinner, plus a lunch in the restaurant if it’s possible, so it’s on our way. Requesting all inclusive meals & drinks, breakfast and dinner, or even only breakfast is easily manageable for us which meets your facilities as well.



Combine Your MTB Tour In Georgia

Founders of Weeride Georgia have been riding in the mountains for more than fifteen years, so experience is a notion where the company stands. We never choose trails & locations which we have not tested several times before. Customizing a trip, we always provide all the info and details about distances, terrains, elevations, obstacles and the environment. We can provide a group of five professional guides at a time which is enough for a trip with twelve riders.
Even though our plan is to always guide our people and be with them during the whole trip, we have had customers who wished to ride alone for self adventure and we provided all the necessary files for the whole trip, so planning a trip without guiding is not a good idea, but also an option to choose.


Outlines Of Possible Combined Trips:

  • E-bike Mountainbike Adventure
  • For Beginners/Professionals
  • Terrains: Asphalt, Jeep Road, Single Trails.
  • Technical Difficulty: 2/5- 4/5
  • Fitness Difficulty: 2/5 - 4/5
  • Average Riding Distance: 25-50 km (day)
  • Average Elevation Gain: 500 - 1000m (day)
  • Range Of Altitudes: 1880m - 3050m
  • Coming Soon
  • XC / All Mountain Tour
  • For Beginners/Amateur Riders/Travelers
  • Terrains: Asphalt, Ground, Jeep Road.
  • Technical Difficulty: 2/5
  • Fitness Difficulty: 2/5
  • Average Riding Distance: 25-50 km (day)
  • Average Elevation Gain: 500 m (day)
  • Range Of Altitudes: 1880m - 2345m
  • See Example
  • Wild Enduro Adventure
  • For Experienced/Professional Riders
  • Terrains: Jeep Road, Single Trails, Freeride.
  • Technical Difficulty: 4/5
  • Fitness Difficulty: 4/5
  • Average Riding Distance: 20-30 km (day)
  • Average Elevation Gain: 1000 m (day)
  • Range Of Altitudes: 2100m - 3050m
  • See Example

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