Do you love discovering new countries riding your bike? Georgia is the best 2020 destination for you then.

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  • 200paid in advance to guarantee booking
  • Trips available (June-October)
  • Flight tickets *not included*
  • Group capacity min(4)-max(12) riders
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mtb adventure in Georgia

Experiences In A Nutshell

Riding on shepherd singletracks at the heights of 3000m+.
Eating the most natural & tasty Georgian food.
Discovering old cities / ancient ruins of Georgia.
Offroad shuttle service on the most technical roads.
Living in 17th century lava stone tower.
Visiting highest settlement of Europe.


Important Details

Where – We will meet you at the airport (Tbilisi/Kutaisi).
Who – Trips are not for beginner riders.
When – Summer/Fall 2020 (dates are adjustable).
How much – Total price of the trip – 850, 200 paid in advance to guarantee your booking.

We will have around 6 riding days while our stay in mountains.

–important! single riders or groups less than 4 people can also request booking and we will do our best to match with your dates. 


Scheduled Dates:

Dates are adjustable to your needs

13 June, 2021 20 June, 2021         (seats available)       Book Now

04 July, 2021 ⟶ 11 July, 2021         (seats available)       Book Now

11 July, 2021 18 July, 2021         (seats available)       Book Now

18 July, 2021 25 July, 2021         (seats available)       Book Now

01 Aug, 2021 08 Aug, 2021         (seats available)       Book Now

15 Aug, 2021 22 Aug, 2021         (seats available)       Book Now

05 Sept, 2021 12 Sept, 2021         (seats available)       Book Now

19 Sept, 2021 26 Sept, 2021         (seats available)       Book Now

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